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Great American Scrap Quilts

Antique scrap quilts are often comprised of many textiles, seemingly unrelated according to present standards of co-ordinated fabric collections. Yet in these old quilts the whole works in an exciting, joyous way. Why? How can you duplicate that seemingly carefree way of combining fabrics? Learn to understand value, scale, and contrast as you examine some great old quilt tops and then put into practice what you have observed.

Pieced and Patched Stars
49" x 58"
Provencal Baskets
62" x 52"

Amish Color in Quilts

Do you feel uncomfortable when it comes time to make color choices? Gain color confidence by studying the Amish use of color. No need to attend art school as the answers are available right in this part of our quiltmaking tradition. You will have a hands-on experience working with both the Pennsylvania and Midwestern palettes, each with its own rules and restrictions.

Indiana Amish Baskets
54" x 66"
Wash day

Japanese Patchwork

Experience the excitement of working with Japanese Yukata cloth which is traditionally used for summer kimonos. This beautiful 100% cotton fabric is only 14” wide. With Roberta’s guidance you will compose a quilt as you learn how the fabric can design the quilt for you.  (fabric available for purchase in class; design wall required for each student)

Kyoto Gion Festival
Winged Undercurrents
43" x 50"

Folk Art Quilt

Folk art translates as art done by "us folk". Have fun as you learn to create your own designs for an original quilt with a primitive feeling. Learn to accept and appreciate your own personal style. Roberta will prove that you, too, can be a folk artist. (design wall required for each student)

Pete's Place
52" x 45"
Frau Horton, Frau Horton
44" x 54"

African-American Quilts

African-American quilts offer a wonderful opportunity for the average quilter to break out of the traditional Euro-American quiltmaking mold and do some growing. These quilts blend the design preferences of Africa with the American quilt tradition. The result is a quilt that follows a different set of rules where improvisation replaces repetition, off-setting is preferred over matching, and the grid is abandoned for a vertical strip format. These quilts possess a wonderful and exciting energy. Complete a quilt top today! (sewing machine and design wall required for each student)

Sew What!
32" x 28"
Classroom action
HALF DAY WORKSHOPS - (offered at conferences only)

Plaid Applique

Learn how to understand and use plaids and stripes as you play in an applique format. You will explore raw edge applique and machine doodling as you compose a folk heart quilt. (fee for fabric kit; sewing machine required for each student)

Folk Hearts
21" x 25"

People Party

Depict yourself in fabric using your sewing machine. Or render your family, dear friends, or quilting buddies. Learn how to piece these individual and creative folk. (sewing machine required for each student)

People Party
53" x 29"

Folk Art Bouquet

Awaken your creativity by making an original bouquet of posies. Learn to paper cut designs as well as to cut directly into the fabric. This approach is very liberating and no one makes a mistake. It is comforting to know that there isn’t only one right answer–or in this case, design.

25" x 29"